Setup A Ramadan Around The World Event


Many parents, mosques, and community centers have gotten into a habit of arranging events and gatherings before Ramadan as a way to get the children excited about the Holy month! This year, why not put a twist on these events by highlighting the beautiful tapestry of our ummah?!?! Here is everything you need to throw a Ramadan Around The World event!

Ramadan Around The World is the story of the Ramadan Moon visiting children across the world celebrating the Holy month. It covers how various cultures observe Ramadan. Children of various nationalities and abilities are represented throughout the book along with families of diverse sizes and demographics. The Ramadan best seller is a celebration of our religion, our cultures, and our ummah. It highlights the beautiful tapestry of Islam. 

Ramadan Around The World is a great addition to any Ramadan basket! It also makes for a wonderful Ramadan welcome-themed party for your children and their friends. A Ramadan Around The World themed welcome party should highlight diversity and inclusion so be sure to make it a point to invite children in your community beyond your close friends.

This theme also makes for a great Ramadan event for your local public library, Masjid and community center. Everything you will need for this party can be found in this downloadable Pdf file. The PDF includes:

Ramadan Mubarak Banner/garland, Ramadan Mubarak tags, Cupcake Toppers, Sadaqa Jar craft, Ramadan Lantern craft, Ramadan drummer craft


Need ideas for the setup? Scroll through the photos below to be inspired! 

A BIG thank you to all the amazing talent that went into this photoshoot.